An organization founded in Prague in 2020 to support social entrepreneurship in the Czech Republic.

The project grew out of the belief that social farms and the people who run them deserve attention and support. SoFarm values everyone who creates a safe space where people with different disabilities and needs can find work, And at the same time, it treats the soil and the landscape with care. Thanks to them, people with different disabilities become a natural part of the community and can develop and fulfills their unique potential. The vision is self-confident, socially beneficial and economically sustainable social farms.

SoFarm supports farmers who create employment opportunities for people with various forms of disability, helps to name the problems faced by social farmers and removes barriers with professional services. SoFarm provides services in cooperation with experts who are interested in offering their services to social farms. SoFarm regularly organize seminars and joint meetings. By creating conditions for meeting, the natural transfer of knowledge and information, SOFarm promotes mutual assistance and collegiality.