Druživa, o.z. is an civil association, established in 2015.

We organize activities for children, youth, adults and families, aimed at promoting responsible behaviour towards other people, animals and nature, contributing to a healthy lifestyle, sustainable and self-sufficient life and offering a space for understanding and common meetings. Our organisation supports sustainable development as the only possible way to healthy, harmonic development of a human, humankind and the natural system of the Earth. Our mission also includes supporting and promoting the alternative and community-based ways of life and housing, supporting and implementing activities in the field of alternative education, creating and caring for cultural landscapes, environmental protection and recovery of cultural heritage and rural areas.

We try to reach our goals via leisure, cultural and educational activities for children, youth, adults and families through projects in support of community development, landscape and cultural heritage care, as well as through advisory, organisational, consultancy and training activities in the field of sustainable development.

We are offering a place for people who wish to re-connect what seems to be falling apart – farming and nature, heritage and innovation, food and health, civil society and political decision-making.

Druziva: www.druziva.sk